Eat Out: The Village Cafe

by jc

With the ultimate goal of eating at every [good] restaurant I can, I plan on documenting some of my experiences along the way on here.  I’ll be giving these restaurant adventure entries the “Eat Out” tag and rating the experience on a scale from 1 (shit) to 10 (life-altering).

I’m by no means a writer, food connoisseur or any sort of qualified to comment on the quality of food BUT I will do so anyway and post some yummy lookin’ pictures as well.

Disclaimer: I’m sorry but the first entry in this “Eat Out” series will be fairly boring but I promise to improve with time.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of eating at The Village Cafe in the trendy Westboro neighbourhood.  This is a small, casual, and cute restaurant that serves fairly simple but fresh food.

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

We were lucky to snag a window table but also had the misfortune of having to listen to a loud-mouthed, middle-aged slob talk his lunch-partner’s ear off about pissing off his girlfriend and 16 year-old daughter, with some crass comments about another buddy’s girlfriend.  Seriously, get a life.

Back to the food.  The lunch menu is made up of a few appetizers, salads and a wide variety of very tempting sandwiches (not show in image below).

Had a hard time not going for the crab cakes

Had a hard time not going for the crab cakes

We started with the bruschetta duo and definitely did not regret our decision.  It comes with both a traditional tomato bruschetta and a sauteed mushroom and artichoke version.  While the tomato one was good, the mushroom + artichoke combo was unbelievable.  The nice, thick balsamic vinegar drizzled on top completed the dish perfectly.


Tomato + basil

Mushroom + artichoke

Mushroom + artichoke

For my main course I had the roasted butternut squash salad.  Overall it was pretty good but a little too focused on the sweet side of things.  The walnuts were candied, there were too many dried cranberries and the dressing was even a bit sweet.  A bit more acidity and some more veggies would have balanced things out a bit.  The panko-crusted goat cheese was really good though and I could have had more of it (but when do I ever not want more goat cheese? #fatty).  I always love getting bread served alongside a salad but this stuff was dry and confusing to me – why was it even on my plate?

Sweet city... and what's that crappy bread doing there?

Sweet city… don’t be fooled by the bread.

I’d give my experience at The Village Cafe a 7/10.  The bruschetta blew my mind but my main dish was a little disappointing.  Basically the bruschetta and the yummy-looking pulled-pork sandwich that I was creeping on at another table (and plan on going back for) raised up my opinion of this place a bit.  Well that, and the very sweet Aussie girl who served us.  She was delusionally in love with the -30 degree weather we just had last week… right on girrrrrl.