by jc

There have been times through this MBA program that I really feel like I’m helping not only myself, but some others around me get their degrees.  I don’t mean this to sound conceited in an “I’m so smart and righteous” kind of way.  I know others in my program who have expressed the same sort of sentiment, just somewhere along the lines of feeling like they’re doing more than their fair share of the work on projects.

Mr. Bean is being more subtle than most

Mr. Bean is being more subtle than most

It’s one thing to not contribute equally to a group project.  That bugs me but I can live with it.  Plus I don’t have the time or energy in this program to worry about it for more than two minutes.  I’d rather accept that the person is useless and move on, as opposed to holding out for them to maybe come up with some sort of valuable contribution to the group.  Like getting us Starbucks.

But it’s a whole other beast if I see someone blatantly cheating on an exam.  I witnessed this while proctoring med school exams when I was a struggling MSc student.  That bugged me to no end for obvious reasons.  Oh the perfectly noble med students!  This came back to bug me oven more a few months later as the rejection letters from med schools across Ontario rolled in.  If only I had cheated my way through first year and gotten straight A+’s instead of soccer playing and socializing my way through and getting a trail mix of A+’s, B’s, and one C+ (the latter I blame on an Eastern European calculus teacher’s accent that put me straight to sleep).

I witnessed blatant cheating once again today in my finance exam.  I was handing my test to my professor while I noticed a girl straight up copying off the guy next to her, while he was using his CELL PHONE as a calculator.  Now the first person to blame here is obviously the professor.  He’s an awesome guy but super meek and gentle.  Cell phones don’t fly as a calculator on exams and everyone knows that.  Must have been nice to just take pictures of the questions and text them over to your friend with the textbook at home so that he could solve them for you.  No, I’m not bitter at all.

I guess I’m writing this post because I’m struggling internally with what to do with what I observed today.  The med school incident I did nothing about.  I was warned by other proctors that the administrative staff at the school never want to hear about it because they believe the sun rises and sets over their med students asses, plus it looks poorly on the school.  Now today I’m reminded of that incident and I’m really feeling like I should have done something, or that I should do something.  Or with another paper and one more exam to go before Christmas break I could just save myself some time and keep telling myself: “THEY’RE CHEATING LOSERS IN LIFE!”