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Month: April, 2013

Massive [Paleo] Banana Blueberry Muffins

My Granny was a truly wonderful lady.  Amongst her many lovely attributes was a skilled hand at baking.  While her baking was fairly simple compared to today’s diverse varieties of sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc., it was honest and delicious.  I will always remember her stressing the importance of using ripe bananas and sour-ing the milk with a bit of vinegar when making banana cake.  I would beg her to make it on every single visit but she absolutely wouldn’t unless she had sufficiently ripe bananas, singing “Yes I have no bananas, I have no bananas today!”.  Catchy tune eh?

The recipe below falls a bit short from my Granny’s dairy, gluten, and white sugar-containing banana cake.  This one is still very yummy but in a 2013-gluten-free-[hipster]-Paleo-[Crossfit] way.

Blueberries hidden within.

Blueberries hidden within.

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Poached Eggs on Swiss Chard and Quinoa Pilaf

Since I arrived home from Whistler I’ve been rather lazy in the kitchen, pretty much avoiding anything requiring more prep time than my beloved stove-top oatmeal.  However today, with a fridge full of fresh veggies beckoning, I found the motivation to try something new: Swiss chard + quinoa pilaf on poached eggs.

photo (3)

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Whistler Day 9 – Hard To Leave

We don’t want to leave but it is now time.  We had a wonderful week in Whistler with the perfect mix of snow and sun – a real treat for April!  The storm from the day before kept up into the night and left a beautiful blanket of snow over the mountains and the village.

But I don't wanna leave!

But I don’t wanna leave!

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Whistler Day 8 – The Mushroom House

We awoke on our final ski day in Whistler to yet another snow storm.  The white stuff began to fall mid-morning and continued all day and overnight.  We were admittedly quite tired from the five previous days of skiing heavy snow on skinny park skis so our plan was to have a very light final ski day and then head over to check out our friend from Manotick’s famous Whistler home, The Mushroom House.

photo (7)

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Whistler Day 7 – More Sun and Butt Rub

Today was another beautiful day in Whistler.  The sun was out and the snow at the top of the mountain was still very awesome and fluffy.

photo (5)

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