Having fun is the point of life.  Therefore I put a lot of stock in partying and enjoying times with family and friends.  Nobody likes a party pooper right?

And to be clear – I don’t mean partying in the sloppy, university house, black-out drunk-type way that we sometimes think of it (although there is a time and place for everything).  I mostly mean it as an attitude to live with that is always open to laugh and have a good time.

In the “PARTY” posts I’ll share a diverse array of activities that I’m into at any given moment… photography, parties, events, school bus rentals, etc.

Sorry for partying

Sorry for partying [Canada Day at the Bay 2012]

Just a couple of babes at Osheaga 2012

Just a couple of music-loving babes

Lucky Ron has this effect on people, The Lafayette, November 2012

Lucky Ron has this effect on people 

Capture the feeling.

Capture the feeling.