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There have been times through this MBA program that I really feel like I’m helping not only myself, but some others around me get their degrees.  I don’t mean this to sound conceited in an “I’m so smart and righteous” kind of way.  I know others in my program who have expressed the same sort of sentiment, just somewhere along the lines of feeling like they’re doing more than their fair share of the work on projects.

Mr. Bean is being more subtle than most

Mr. Bean is being more subtle than most

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Fall Swallowed Me Up

Well two months have just flown by since I made the promise to keep this thing up to date more regularly.  I suppose that means I failed on my promise.  However, the MBA program has been surprisingly time consuming and I’m still figuring out how to balance it all within my life.  I’m so unbelievably grateful for and happy with the path that I’m currently on but it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the silly amount of volume in this program.

School? Please no.

Winter is upon us in Ottawa and I’m filled with this awesome feeling of hopefulness and mostly just excitement for the snow and skiing to come.  Hence why I felt the need to share this wonderful picture from the first major snowfall of the year.  Just two happy pups in the snow!


Petey and Rza.

Petey and Rza.

Where Did I Go?

That’s a good question.

It seems a summer without direction caused me to write a handful of standardized tests and begin the application process to every academic program at every university in North America.

That’s really just an excuse for my absence and not really relevant to the life of this blog at all.

I’m currently being swallowed up by the first month of an MBA program while trying to simultaneously complete my applications to several medical schools (whose admission people are anxiously waiting for me to click “Submit” so they can quickly hit “Send” on the rejection email – no really, they don’t even send real paper letters anymore).

So it’s with this naivety that I renew my commitment to this blog and vow to bring it back to life.  Stay tuned!

cartoon mba

Whistler Day 9 – Hard To Leave

We don’t want to leave but it is now time.  We had a wonderful week in Whistler with the perfect mix of snow and sun – a real treat for April!  The storm from the day before kept up into the night and left a beautiful blanket of snow over the mountains and the village.

But I don't wanna leave!

But I don’t wanna leave!

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Whistler Day 8 – The Mushroom House

We awoke on our final ski day in Whistler to yet another snow storm.  The white stuff began to fall mid-morning and continued all day and overnight.  We were admittedly quite tired from the five previous days of skiing heavy snow on skinny park skis so our plan was to have a very light final ski day and then head over to check out our friend from Manotick’s famous Whistler home, The Mushroom House.

photo (7)

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