Homemade chalkboard

by jc

I’ve wanted a chalkboard in my apartment for a while now.  I thought it’d be a good way to quickly jot down ideas, reminders, quotes, etc.

“Buy bananas”
“Stop overeating until you’re in pain” 
“You rule!”

Just kidding about the last one.  But seriously, most of the pre-made chalkboards I’ve come across don’t have the aesthetic look that I want.  I was pumped when I learned about chalkboard paint that you can basically paint on any hard surface!

Finished chalkboard 1

I went out and bought a lovely mirror (yes, I was a bit sad painting over it) from Home Sense and some other painting materials from Home Depot.

A homemade chalkboard is so easy to make.  So easy that even I could make it happen, despite my incompetence with anything that even resembles a craft.  I hardly need to give directions on how to do it but I’ll include some pics and tips from my project.


  • Object to paint
  • Green painters tape to protect edges of object
  • Chalk board paint, kindly shaken by someone’s grandpa at HD
  • Foam paint roller & something to pour paint into


Goodbye pretty mirror

Goodbye pretty mirror

1. I made sure to very carefully cover the mirror frame with the green painter’s tape.  I didn’t want to ruin the pretty white frame!

Get it riiiight in the corners

Get it riiiight in the corners

I covered the mirror excessively – I didn't trust myself with the black paint

I covered the mirror excessively – I didn’t trust myself with the black paint

2. I carefully [expertly] poured some paint into a tray and started going hog-wild on the mirror with the foam roller.  Going slow and steady gave a more even look to the paint.  After one coat the paint dried with a bit of a speckled look and was dry to the touch after 30 minutes.

After one coat

After one coat

3. The instructions on the paint said it would be fully dry 4 hours later but I wanted to be sure (and wanted to do something else that night) so I waited a full 24 hours until added a second coat.  I added the third coat another 24 hours later and then had Petey add a final coat [with his artistic hand] yet another 24 hours later.

4. After letting the final coat dry fully, I slowly removed the green tape and to my delight the edge was clean and still white.  Niiiiiice.

5. I used a heavy-duty wire, strung through two built-in hooks on the back of the mirror, and picture hooks to hang the beautiful chalkboard.  Voila!

All the things I'm gonna write on you...

All the things I’m gonna write on you…

Tip: I haven’t written on it YET (I know, what?!) but I have heard that by spreading a coat of chalk (turn a piece of chalk lengthwise) over the whole surface and then erasing makes the “erasability” of the board better.