Ultimate oats

by jc

Here is a hearty oatmeal recipe that will literally keep you full all day – no joke.  It’s my favourite breakfast and is one of the reasons I probably wouldn’t make it on the Paleo diet.

Banana + currant version of oats... get in ma belly.

Please excuse the flakey measurements and instructions.  I typically make way too much and then keep the remainder in the fridge.  It’s just as tasty the next day and makes a great on-the-go breakfast!

Fill a medium saucepan about 1/3- to 1/2-way with water, bring to boil, turn down heat, add a bit of milk (optional – it will make the oatmeal creamier).

Pour in some steel-cut oats (eye-ball it), still leaving a fair amount of liquid.

Add a scant tablespoon of flax meal and simmer 8-10 minutes.

Add large flake oats until mix is fairly thick, simmer 5-10 minutes (depends on how well you like your oats cooked).

Once oats are pretty much done cooking add:

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 scant tbsp coconut flakes (unsweeted)

1 mashed banana

1 tbsp honey (optional)

A few currants or raisins (optional)

Alternative: replace banana + coconut with pumpkin puree + cinnamon

Optional: Mix half scoop of vanilla protein powder with a small amount of water and then add to oats.  Don’t add powder directly to oat mix (unless you’re still at the early, watery stage), it won’t dissolve well.

Enjoy all day satiety!  Seriously though, you may be freaked out by not feeling like you need to eat until 3pm!

Banana + currant version of oats... get in ma belly.

Banana + currant version of oats… get in ma belly.