Dancing with the dinosaurs

by jc

Mellow lineup for those who failed at buying tickets in advance.

The d-floor... I spot Sarah and Theresa twerking it out.

The d-floor… I spot Sarah and Theresa twerking it out.

Last night some friends and I attended the first ever Nature Nocturne at the Canadian Museum of Nature.  This is a brand new evening event aimed at getting boatloads of hipsters into the museum for drinking, eating and dancing.

The exhibitions were open to browse but sans drink in hand unfortunately (totally reasonable though – I know).  DJ Tdot was pumping up the jams on the dance floor in the glass cube.  The windowsills served as a great spot to post up and work it out.  A close friend who shall remain nameless (oh you know who you are) tweeted that it “felt like a grade 9 dance”.  I think that’s a rather pessimistic attitude spurred on by an insufficient blood alcohol level.  There was definitely a wide range of ages but not so much that it was an issue of any sort.  Everyone was just there to have a great time in a wicked cool atmosphere.

Awesome d-floor.

Party time baby! Can you spot the whale?

The [somewhat] recent renovations make the museum an incredibly beautiful venue and provides just the right balance of old and new.  It was actually a bit surreal getting to drink, party, yell, run around, etc. in that place!

Hipsters of Ottawa can’t wait to get in. Beautiful.

Upward view from the dancefloor.

You could tweet @something and get your pic up on the screen… I think.

I had a blast at this event and therefore in my [uneducated, lame] opinion I think it was a huge success.  I was really surprised by the huge turn out.  It’s yet another sign of how hungry Ottawa is for new and creative (i.e. HIPSTER) events like these.

They plan on running this night the last Friday of every month.  It’s going to be interesting to see if it will be a success on a continuing basis.  One thing is for sure though, they need to hire real bartenders.  It was a complete joke.  I saw one guy open a soda can slower than my dead grandma.  They did not have a clue what the heck was going on.  Furthermore, the music was a bit disappointing and very much had a HOT 89.9-feel.  Some cooler (think XMU crossed with some BPM plus the best of HypeM. Eh? Eh?) sounds would take this event to the next level.  I should probably just offer my sick DJ services free of charge next time.

The next morning we cured our hangovers with a Lean and Fit class at Greco Sparks followed by a DELICIOUS meal at Stone Face Dolly’s on Preston.  I’ve been to this restaurant ample times for dinner but have never gotten around to trying their brunch (which they are best known for).  I had their basil pesto + mushroom + tomato yumminess mix + goat cheese omelette that is served with their unbelievable molasses toast, homefries (ish had some kick!) AND salad.  All for $13 – you really can’t go wrong!   To quote my wise friend Alexa (she’s never afraid to speak her mind – I think Alexa quotes may become a regular occurrence on here): “I just HATE going out for breakfast, paying $20, and having SHITTY food”.  No really Lex?  Jokes aside, this is definitely not the case at SFD’s although their Caesars suck so don’t waste your time on those.

Basil pesto + mushrooms + tomato concoction + goat cheese omelette

SFD’s delicious basil pesto omelette.